About The Fair l Maktek Konya Fair

Strategic sectors united their powers
A great step was taken towards the country’s 2023 vision

An important collaboration was undertaken between the machinery manufacturing and machine tools industries, the most crucial sectors for the realization of Turkey’s 2023 vision, which requires that the volume of exports rises to 500 billion dollars and per capita income is increased to 25 thousand dollars so that Turkey can become one of the 10 largest economies of the world. As a result of their first-time cooperation, the Machine Tools Industrialists and Business Association (TIAD) and Association of Machinery Manufacturers (MIB) are jointly organizing the MAKTEK Konya Fair, the largest gathering platform for the machinery industry in Anatolia. The fair will take place on April 8 - 11, 2021 at Konya Chamber of Commerce - TÜYAP Konya International Fair Center.

Having the power to directly influence industrialization and the competitive power of many sectors through technological development, the national professional organizations of manufacturers of machine tools, which are the main production tool of the machinery and manufacturing industries, entered into an important collaboration for the first time in their history and took a crucial step towards Turkey's vision for 2023.