Health First for Trade

As Tüyap Fairs Exhibitions Group, the health of our customers, visitors and employees is always our first and top priority. Your health and success are guaranteed with new our hygiene and safety applications measures that will take place in all our events.

Our Guide to Preparation!

Enhanced Hygiene

We disinfect commonly used
areas with a deep cleaning
schedule and provide maximum hygiene for our guests by disinfection stations around the fair area.

Social Distancing

We arrange the capacity in
common use areas of the
fairground to provide for
social distancing and support
it with warning signs.

Crowd Control

We follow the fairground crowd intensity, which is supposed to be 1 person per 10 sqm, via entry and exit gate turnstiles, online registration, exhibitor portal, MyTüyap app, and cameras to prevent any overcrowding pushing limits of social distancing rules.

Medical Services

Ambulance and medical teams are on standby at all fairs during setup, exhibition, and break down periods.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning units on the fair area are adjusted to provide maximum fresh clean air according to season and constantly being monitored. All airconditioning units, in addition to increased maintenance periods, are being disinfected after exhibition hours.

Food Services

In the open spaces on the fairground there are restaurants and cafes for take away. In the open areas, prepared according to the hygienic regulations food with salt/pepper/napkin and disposable settings can be consumed.

Contact-free Processes

We have rearranged all fair area processes to be as much contact-free as possible with online registration and gate entry procedures as well as the improvements in the exhibitor portal.

Personnel Training

We train all of our employees according to COVID-19 precautions, distribute tasks and build emergency action plans.

Entrance Safety

To prevent persons carrying any risks to enter the fair area, we check HES code and ID cards of all employees, exhibitors, and visitors before entering to the fairground..


Stand plan to accommodate Social Distancing

Plan your stand to allow for clean airflow, take extra care
to arrange meeting areas to
accommodate social distancing.

Apply Hygiene precautionsn

Keep alcohol-based disinfectants on your stand and have your stand regularly cleaned.

Individually wrapped refreshmentsr

Make sure that your refreshments on your stand are individually wrapped.

Booth Attractions

Refrain from overcrowded activities on your stand which could endanger social distancing.


Avoid Physical Contact!

Keep at least 3-4 steps
distance during meetings.
Avoid close contacts such as
handshake and hugging.

Keep Social Distance!

Keep a distance of at least 1 meter from each other.

wear a Mask!

Wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose.

Take care, be healthy!

Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. If you do not have a tissue, use the inside of your elbow.